We communicate

Asian countries are tricky for foreign companies to enter due to various trade barriers including language, law, culture, and politics. Also, it is not easy to have sensitive issues including product payment and buyers’ credit guaranteed in the country.

MBS has local experts in major countries in Asia including Korea, China, and Taiwan and supporting communication to enable fast localization in every aspect including law, retail, trade, and local market research. In addition, we perform various tasks to support competitive brands to settle in the country using local buyer networks that MBS itself evaluated.

We cooperate

To source products overseas, we should be able to understand various foreign languages as well as English and to make a purchase, we go through a specific negotiation process to set trade procedures and prices. However, considerable amount of risk arises if local buyers directly negotiate with foreign suppliers or progress transaction with them discussing terms of trade and many expenses are generated including labor costs.

MBS assigns a person in charge who can communicate with the language of the foreign sourcing network we have and is specialized in brand B2B sourcing and that person carries out all the procedures instead of the buyer. By working with MBS, the buyer can source products stably in a competitive price and concentrate solely in product sales.