4 Startup enterprises in Korea that participated the event that day including Evosonics have participated in Global Expansion Program preceded by Neofly China (Dong-won Shin, CEO) in Shanghai for three months since last June, organized by foundation promotion of Small Medium Business Administration.


This program was created in order to help domestic startup enterprises with big service models with high possibility of success or promising renovation technique advancing to China, attracting investments and localization.

Other than Evosonics, Bio Standard that brought out makeup DIY kit, Control Clother, a customized distribution channel between fashion designers and consumers, and the Membersheeps of solution enterprise advancing to Asia have appeared to Chinese investors in order.


Shao Qua culture as a comedy talk show contents, RecruitRT as an employment company in banking sector, Lanquer that is knocking on the global market with education application for foreign language between users, and Career X factor that helps global talents to network have introduced their companies.


This event was an opportunity for young startup enterprises of Korea and China to compete each other’s abilities and also learn from each other, as one of the participants of China mentioned.


The president Shin gave an advise as “even business models that succeeded in Korea need to develop the localized model in China to succeed there”, and “Recruiting a local team is necessary when advancing to China.”