– Membersheep hits 3M USD in April’s sales in China a have monthly growth of 170 percent.

– Rapid growth in cross-border field on the strength of increased consumption in China


(2017.05.15) Membersheep(Jinseong Kim, the CEO, www.membersheep.net) which provides foreign brands B2B supplying services in China, said that the company hit 3M USD sales in April 2017, in the field of cross-border e-commerce in China and is growing at the rate of 170% monthly on May 15.

Membersheep supports stable sales of brands’ manufacturers and distributors in the U.S. and Europe in China by signing supply contracts with them and also supports merchandising companies in China in terms of letting them purchase foreign brand goods safely. Membersheep created a structure in which Chinese merchandising companies can purchase goods in the overseas market in relief by supporting payment processing, logistics, and even customs. Not only Alibaba(Alibaba.com), the country’s largest distributor, but also Netease(Netease.com), China’s fifth-largest IT company and Jumei(Jumei.com), the largest cosmetics company in China are all making purchases from Membersheep.

Jinseong Kim, the CEO of Membersheep, explained the driving force behind the company’s sustained growth, saying that “Our company has been able to extract full performance of its skills which it had honed in cross-border e-commerce market of China based on two years of preparatory period, credibility it built up through seeking out buyers in China, and knowledge and hands-on experiences acquired by proceeding foreign intermediate trade and distribution in China directly.”

Membersheep is providing its service with offices in China, Hong Kong, and Korea, surpassing three billion won in sales in April 2017 in the field of cross-border e-commerce in China and is growing at the rate of 170 percent monthly on May 15. Given that the cross-border e-commerce market in China has been less than two years, and that more and more Chinese consumers are seeking out foreign imported goods, showing higher expectations and standards, there is much attention towards potential achievements of Membersheep’s challenge.