Membersheep takes part in the ‘Korea-China Economic Trade Partnership’

On December 14, 2017, Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) organized “Korea-China Economic Trade Partnership” in Beijing. The magnitude of the economic cooperation between Korea and China was the biggest in history, with the participation of 46...(more)

2017. 12. 15.|

Membersheep release new blockchain service at ‘Techcrunch Shanghai 2017’

In the ‘2017 Tech Crunch Shanghai’ held in November 25-28th, 2017, Membersheep Company disclosed for the first time a distribution platform, which combines import and smart distribution in China. ‘Tech Crunch’ is a worldwide startup business competition organized...(more)

2017. 11. 28.|

Fashion B2B Start-up, ‘Membersheep’, hits 3M USD order in April

Membersheep supports stable sales of brands’ manufacturers and distributors in the U.S. and Europe in China by signing supply contracts with them and also supports merchandising companies in China in terms of letting them purchase foreign brand goods safely. Membersheep created...(more)

2017. 05. 23.|

Membersheep(Fashion B2B platform), Meet the sales Rep Chechanglong

The per capita GDP of China edged up to 10,000 dollars [...]

2017. 04. 26.|

Membersheep company selected as the biggest accelerator batch in China

It was declared that Startup Membersheep company in Korea was selected as the final Startup Group batch that is the best accelerator organization in China. Membersheep company is a multiple B2B platform that sources famous global brand products of America and Europe expertly a set wholesale price and provides them at a set wholesale price.

2016. 08. 5.|

How Korean Startups Tapped Into A Billion Dollar Government Effort

Many decades ago in a high school in the US, a fresh so [...]

2016. 01. 27.|

Membersheep and OpenTrade Aim to Highlight Korea’s Startup Ecosystem

  Two years ago, Fortune released an article titled “Wh [...]

2016. 01. 26.|

Ranking No.1 E-commerce Alibaba launching brand B2B platform

Lately Alibaba group buckles down to target global circulation market as launching B2B platform that carries world-wide brand products in priority. Alibaba exposes support to gain the B2B market on the global stage through the new platform, and Membersheep company in Korea is providing the products as a selected partner.

2015. 12. 15.|

Alibaba group launching brand platform ‘Wholesaler’

Internet e-commerce Portal of Alibaba in China has officially opened ‘Wholesaler’. It gains a toehold for additional takeoffs as increasing confrontation ability for the brand markets with recent rapid growth, and Membersheep company has been selected as the brand management enterprise.

2015. 11. 11.|

Korea-China Startup having a match on Chinese market in Shanghai

4 places of startup in Korea and 4 in China compared the business model for each other at the Shanghai art museum on the main street in Shanghai, China on the 15th. 4 Korea-China startup enterprises including Membersheep company had a general inspection on the possibility of success in business from 7 people like Zhaoqing wi, JD Finance Head, and so on.

2015. 09. 16.|

Why are those foundation enterprises getting attentions from the major investment companies?

10 foundation companies of the areas of travel, educati [...]

2015. 09. 9.|

Membersheep company, a topic of parallel import related company

As the government decided to promote competition of con [...]

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