The growth of MBS until today is based on relentless challenge spirit which does not rest in the existing businesses, a global mind which aims at the global market, and the professionalism in the field of brand goods sourcing.

The enthusiasm for challenge which led us to break the existing framework or parallel import which links the world and Korea and pioneer a new market which connects the east and the west regardless of numerous obstacles. An enterprising and open mind to lead the retail and wholesale paradigm in the broader world outside Korea. A will to become an expert acknowledged not only in Korea but also in the world. Those are the thrusts that made today’s MBS.

MBS is looking for talents with relentless enthusiasm and challenge sprit, an immense ambition to work in the world, and responsibility and sense of duty for the work. Now, it is your turn to become the new leader to lead the new consumption paradigm of global brands with MBS.