Alibaba group declared the launching of Wholesaler’ platform that targets B2B market of the whole world brands on the 24th. It is to gain a toehold for additional takeoffs as increasing confrontation ability for the brand markets with recent rapid growth and to compete at the global B2B market with more confidence as promoting brands representing the world.


According to Alibaba’s, Wholesaler sale of is possible only through the 50 enterprises from all over the world with recognized brand management ability. It includes Membersheep company in Korea. The requirements to join contains more than 40 million dollars of the total annual sales, rank higher than 30 in famous e-commerce other than China, products with big success in department stores, and so on. Alibaba is looking to develop competitiveness in the existing B2B market and seek differentiation.


On the one hand, if you get on the Alibaba site, you can check the Wholesaler link where you can meet the brand products as B2B on the top and bottom of the website. The website was developed for small merchants to carry the brand products on transaction with ease and it includes circulation at large such as brand management, exclusive distributer management, international payment, and so on. More global brands are to be included constantly at Wholesaler.