Mission Statement : To be a marketplace for anyone to trade anything they want without any limitations

The core values of MBS are considered as our top priority in every work we do, and they are embodied in our corporate culture and management philosophy.

Always challenge : MBS started out as a small startup in Korea and grew up until now. We did not stop in our first business model, which is an intermediate trade in Korea (parallel import), but we continuously acquired buyers and suppliers by actively pioneering the global market and developed our core competitiveness, which enables us to provide the products of hundreds of brands in a cheap and fast way. As always, we are not resting in the present and achieving relentless challenges by not only intensifying existing business capacities but also proactive looking for new business opportunities.

Always be honest : Not all MBS does is perfect. Unexpected accidents and late delivery can occur due to the characteristic of our business. In those cases, rather than saying ambiguous words to escape from the situation, we explain why those unexpected accidents happened and how we will solve them as soon as possible to our customers. By doing so, we are doing our best to minimize the second-order and third-order damage and keep our promise with customers.

Like a family : As a brand products sourcing channel, MBS regards all our customers as our family. As a family share the same emotion and goal, we would like to make a sustainable future with all of you by not only providing brand goods as our original job but also considering the needs and values of every agent in the retail network from our clients to the end customers who buy the brand products.